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Food210 Simple NYs Resolutions to Keep You Healthy

We all know what to do: eat less sugar and saturated fats, cut back on our salt intake and get moving with some kind of exercise. The problem: how does THAT translate into our everyday lives?

Here are 10 favorite tips from Nutrition Action to put these things into action and get 2018 started off right!

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Be the Change!

While 44% of people make New Year Resolutions, only about 8% reach their goal. Set SMART goals, recognize aches and pains, get social and make yourself accountable and best of all, incorporate a Mulligan or two!

walking person yellow slicker winter snow2588009 1920Sciatica - How Winter is Making It Worse.

Living in a state where winter can be bitter, cold and wet - you know how it can seep into our bones. But does chilly winter weather really make our sciatica worse? Read this article to find out the answer.

Hanging lightsTrim the Trees, Deck the Halls and Avoid the Falls!

During the holidays, many of us are hanging Christmas lights, dressing the tree and lofting Santa up on the roof top. Don’t fall victim to un-merry mishaps this holiday season.

Click here to reduce the ways to keep you from getting neck and back pain and keep you from the ER this Christmas.

ZucchiniSwap Veggies for Pasta in a Snap

Eliminate 170 calories from your daily consumption. Its easy! Read here to find out how to swap your old boring noodles for some new zoodles.

gym front  44660 1508352168 1280 1280Be the Best You Possible

This MOVEmber, get up and get moving. There's no better time to focus on your health and diet, not to mention a great time to use up your remaining Medical/Health benefits for the year.

Be sure to check out our articles on eating out and keeping it healthy and how to kick the sugar habit. Come back to find more healthy recipes and tips to keep you moving forward.

SpineKeep Your Spine Healthy

Back pain remains one of the most prevalent and disabling conditions worldwide. It is one of the most common reasons that patients visit their doctors, and one of the most common conditions for which doctors prescribe pain medications.

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Check out these AMAZING FACTS

then pop on over to this article

Nothing Straight About the Spine

opioidsDrug Free Pain Management - A Better Option than Opioid Use

Over 90 Americans each day die from Opioid abuse and 4 out of 5 Heroin users started with prescription Opioids. Dont become the next statistic. Choose a Drug Free Pain Management alternative with Chiropractic care.

boy with too big backpack

Back to School doesn’t have to be a Pain in the Neck

The end of summer may bring relief to parents but it could be the start of chronic neck and back problems for your kids.

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travel backpacks 27 feature rei grand tour 80 630Is finding the right backpack giving you a pain in the neck?

Sure, backpacks are a great way to carry books, pack for a quick getway or sport your hiking gear - so finding the perfect fitting pack shouldn't be giving you a headache.

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Healthy Children Backpack SafetyBackpacks and Back Pain in Kids and Teens

Check out this handy infographic to find out how backpacks can be causing long term spinal issues and some tips for how you can avoid these. Continue reading >>>

opioids2Millennials defining their generation - through a public health crisis

Drug overdoses killed more people in 2015 than HIV/AIDS at its 1995 peak, and it's only getting worse. Millennials may be finding it easier and eaiser to get their hands on opioids. Continue reading >>>

guy with dogsIncrease Your Social Wellness

Instead of burrying your head in your mobile or portable device, get out and about this summer and conncect with others and get to know yourself a bit better.

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