7 EASY ways to reduce stress

7 EASY ways to reduce stress


If you've been feeling like you need Calgon to Take You Away then sit back, and implement one of these 7 EASY ways to reduce stress. Trust me, you'll thank us later.

1. Doodling
Doodling isn't just for kids anymore. No more being yelled at for doodling away. Doodling can actually help bring out the creative juices and make you more focused. It may also help you come up with solutions to current challenges and reduce your stress levels.

2. LOL
Laugh out loud. No matter how dull or busy your work may be, you can always find time to seek out some humor. Adding humor to your day will bring your spirits up while knocking down those stress levels.
Did you know, the act of smiling and laughing triggers biological responses that have both long and short term benefits?

3. Go Green
Get a plant - If your a desk jockey, being stuck inside all day can be depressing and exacerbate your stress levels. Introducing a bit of the outdoors into your workspace can have a calming affect and even improve your cognitive performance.
Most plants need sunlight, but there are some plants that can handle a windowless space. Choose a plant that makes you happy to look at. Better yet, plant an entire garden!

4. Stretch
Stretching. Pretty obvious but it's surprising how often we forget to do it. Stress and tension are stored in the body and just taking a few seconds to stretch can help it melt away. Add a simple routine of desk stretches to your workday, and both your body and mind will thank you. Check these stretches out to get you started.

5. Exercise
Not telling you anything new. Find the time. There’s a plethora of desk exercises you can do at work - or even better, take a 15 minute break and go for a walk, outside if you can!

If you are really into exercising and/or reducing stress, treadmill desks are becoming a thing or even put a mini under-desk bicycle. Yep, for real. Pedaling away can leave your stress behind and ride you right into productivity.

6. Sleep
Sleep. We know. You’re too stressed you can’t sleep.

Well, that’s why trying to exert some energy during the day will help get the endorphins going and release some of that pent up anxiety which will help you get some zzz’s at night.

If that doesn’t work, try Number 7 on our list.

7. Do Nothing
Do nothing – for 10 minutes. Take 10 minutes out of your day to do nothing. If you’re overstressed, tired and foggy, you are not going to be productive anyways, so just take 10 minutes and do NOTHING. Nothing not coming easy? Try watching this video.